Grieving and Missing

Hi, my name is Steve. My wonderful wife, Sue, and I were together for over 40 years. She recently succumbed to cancer, after battling it for 14 years.

It’s very difficult to put into words how much we loved each other. We met as teenagers and didn’t just fall in love, we avalanched into it. We never wanted to be apart.

No-one thought it could possibly last. Like one of those stars that burn itself out. But for us, our love simply burned ever brightly each and every day. At our wedding, the besr man said that we were like a 2-piece jigsaw puzzle, all we needed was each other.

The bottom line is that I miss Sue so much that it hurts. The slightest smell, sight or sound can have me in tears. If that sounds pathetic, well, I don’t really care. I’m just starting this blog to get things out of my heart and onto the page. If it touches anyone then that’s great.

I’m gonna stop now, and leave more, and there’s lots of it, for other days. I guess that people’s reaction may be ‘oh yeah’ or ‘aw bless’, but this is just how I’m feeling.

Take care of yourselves and each other,



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