What is important ?

My young granddaughter was upset because there was something she couldn’t do at school. She was too upset for me to give her the practical help that she needed, but somehow I managed to pluck this from the air :

“It’s not important what you can’t do , but it is important what you can do.”

We went over this a few times, and after going over the many things that she can do, she was able to feel a whole lot better.

I recently lost my wonderful wife of 40 years to cancer. I have been, and still am, devastated, a complete mess, hopelessly lost.

But I now know that it’s not important that I can’t bring her back. I can, however, think of her, talk to her, play our music, watch our films, and surround myself with photos of her. That is important.

I will sign off for now. If anything here, or in my other blogs, helps or makes you feel a little better, then that’s great. Please feel free to comment etc.

Take care of yourselves and each other.




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