Now that I saw Sue


Hi everyone, I hope this finds you well.

In case this is your first look at my blog, my name is Steve. I recently lost Sue, my wonderful wife of 40 years to cancer. So, if you work it out, I’m old.

I miss Sue terribly. We met as teenagers and fell in love. Actually, we more like avalanched into it. Put simply, we were everything to each other. I am heartbroken, devastated. lost.

So, once again, I’d better say that mine is not one of those bright n breezy, happy go lucky  blogs. It’s the outpouring of a broken heart, pure and simple.

I try to do little bits and pieces to keep going, but, man, it is so tough.

I am fortunate to have two terrific grandchildren , a boy of 8, and a girl of 5.

This afternoon, my daughter phoned to say that she didn’t feel well and could I collect my little princess from school, take back to mine, and daddy would pick her up later. Glad to.

We watched ‘Tangled’. Pretty good film. Fun action, good characters, and a song that made me cry. I had to go into the kitchen to avoid the possible “Grandad, are you OK?”

Y’see as a teenager, I got into the usual scrapes and bits of aggro, but one day, when I was 19, Sue arrived into my life, and everything changed. She was just 16, but it was just as if I saw everything in a new way, a new light. And this song says just that :

all at once everything looks different, now that I see you

it’s a small jump for me to sing

all at once everything is different , now that I see Sue


Oh yeah, I haven’t said yet that Sue and I were both hopeless romantics, and we poured all our hearts into each other. When we got married, it was said that basically we were like a 2 piece jigsaw puzzle, all we wanted and needed was each other.

So, I guess you may be thinging ‘yuck, what a load of tosh’, and that’s fair enough, but if you are thinking ‘yeah, that’s beautiful’, then that’s very cool, welcome to my world.

Anyway, I will try to attach the link to I See The Light , check it out, I love it.


I’ll close now, take care of yourselves and each other,





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