Love is stronger than hate – it has to be

Hi everyone, I hope this finds you all well.

If this is your first time here, I’d better say that my name is Steve, and I recently lost Sue, my wonderful wife of 40 years, to cancer. So, yes, I am old, also heartbroken, devastated and lost. We were  everything to each other. We fell in love as teenagers, and grew closer and more together every day. Therefore this is not always a happy-go-lucky blog.

Anyway, back to it. Yesterday, was a bad day for me. I try to keep busy as much as possible, in an effort to distract myself from the emptiness and pain that I constantly feel.

But yesterday, it seemed that everything I ate, drank, watched, smelt, heard – everything, reminded me of Sue, and the fact that she isn’t here.

This pain eventually turned to frustration and anger. I was angry at all the TV channels, every radio station, absolutely everything and everyone. It was not good.

But then I looked at one of the many photos of Sue that I have all over the house. Oh, man, how I love her, adore her. One look at her smile lightens my day, brightens my life.

And soon, I was smiling.My love for Sue was, and is, stronger than my hate for anything.

And as I continued to look around the room, it was just as if a warm light began to glow, in me and all around me. I began to smile.

LOVE is stronger than hate. LOVE IS STRONGER than hate !

Check out these words : and think about their origin :












their origin      :       LOVE  !!

I know that this is not new, clever, or earth-shattering, but it helps me, and if it helps anyone out there, right here, right now, then it was worthwhile posting this blog.

Finally, when I was a lot younger, someone told me that it takes three times as many muscles to frown than it does to smile. It may or may not be true, but just in case, why waste energy? Besides, a smile is UPWARDS, and a frown is DOWNWARDS. Choose wisely.

As always, take care of yourselves and each other

Thank you so much for reading, please feel free to leave any comments





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