There’s a place……………………


Hi everyone, i hope you are well.

As you may know, my name is Steve and i recently lost Sue, my wonderful wife of 40 years, to cancer. Therefore, this blog is not always happy-go-lucky and full of fun.

Both hopelessly romantic and completely in love with each other, we really like the old-fashioned musicals. There were 4 showing on a TV channel today.

One of them was West Side Story. Based on Romeo and Juliet of course, it has great music, dancing and so on, but there are bits in it that simply touch my heart. I attach a link to a short tw0-minute song that i just cannot watch without crying.

If you and your loved one have ever been in a really tough place that’s tearing you up, and you just want to go SOMEWHERE, to get away from it all, maybe you’ll agree with me.




I hope you like it,

take care of yourselves and each other




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