If you live , they live .

Hi there, i hope that this post finds you well.

My name is Steve, i recently lost Sue, my wonderful wife of 40 years, to cancer. Yep, i am old. This blog is one of my ways of trying to handle what i’m going through.

Yesterday, a kind and well-intentioned friend said that as horrible as it may be, i have to accept what has happened and move on.

That may be great as ‘head’ advice, but it doesn’t help what’s going on in my heart. See, if i was in the lounge, and i couldn’t see Sue because she was in the kitchen, bathroom, garden, or at the shops, would i love her any less than if she was right in front of me? Of course not.

In the same way, do i stop loving Sue because i can’t see her now? Nope. As far as i’m concerned, you can’t stop a heart from loving. If it’s real, then it’s there, no stopping.

In other words, if we accept in our head that a loved one has passed away, then they are truly gone. But if they still live in our heart, and we live, then they also live.

Anyway, that’s enough for today. I know that i’m not the only person dealing with loss, and so i hope that maybe this has also helped someone else. Be blessed.

Take care of yourselves and each other





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